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Nori Connell, R.N., D.C.
(914) 466-0024

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Parking Reminder: 

You may park in the street, driveway and back lot. If you park in the driveway, please be sure to park as close to the building as possible to allow others access to the driveway into and out of the back lot.

Please DO NOT park in the spaces next door, they are reserved for Crowes Corporate Promotions clients.


Please reserve the spot out front for those with mobility issues and the need to use the ramp.


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The Healing Consciousness

Healing is the process of unifying and aligning with the body, mind and spirit.  The innate intelligence to heal already exists within us.  As a chiropractor, my role is to facilitate, support and witness your healing process.

My chiropractic approach is based on the Triad of Health.  Health is possible when the structural, emotional and biochemical components of each individual are in balance and supporting one another. Drawing upon the appropriate combinations of techniques, we can addr
ess a wide range of concerns, including earaches, headaches, allergies, respiratory issues and digestive disturbances, as well as skeletal misalignments and discomfort.  Here are some of the ways we might work together to support your body's Triad of Health:

The spine is the communications conduit of the body.  The brain feeds messages through the spinal cord and nerves to the muscles and organs.  The muscles and organs then return messages back through the spine to the brain.  When the neural pathways are clear, the body can communicate and heal more easily.


                          Applied Kinesiology     

is a science that tests and treats the nerve energy supporting the strength of individual muscles.  Kinesiology helps to obtain diagnostic information about the health of the correlating organ functions. 


                          Network Chiropractic 

is an integrated system of successive light adjustments to release tension patterns in the spine, freeing the nervous system to heal itself. 

                          Gentle Manipulation 

of the vertebrae enhances the body's messaging system by clearing the nerve pathways from the spine to every part of the body.

                          Craniosacral Therapy 

is a very gentle method of touch to evaluate and enhance the function of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. 

                          Ice and Heat

can reduce muscle and joint inflammation or spasm to help the body accept an adjustment with less stress and greater effectiveness. 

Emotional Stressors can affect your physical wellbeing.  When we free the body of emotional stressors first, less structural work is necessary.  Neuro-Emotional Technique is a safe, gentle, effective and non-psychological method of uncovering and releasing the deep emotions that have been "locked" in the body as a result of life events and traumas.

Nutrition is the basis of the biochemical aspect of the body.  When we feed ourselves whole, natural and healthy foods full of vital life force, we can support and even change the structure.  I often recommend nutritional supplements and specific dietary choices to help you provide your body with the biochemical support necessary for health and wellness.

Treatments are most effective for:

Women and men who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and who have the desire and resources to achieve better health through chiropractic options.

Parents who want to encourage their child's healing wisdom to unclutter inborn pathways toward natural health and to enhance their growth and development.

Pregnant women who desire proper pelvic alignment for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery, to enhance wellbeing of mother and child before, during and after delivery.

People who are open to receiving the messages and gifts for growth that come from physical and emotional releases.


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